Optimal ssh configuration

Everyday, or let say every hour at the minimum we login to our development servers @Unik, the usual workflow is to

  1. ssh [email protected]
  2. type the password

“Silky Smooth Hopping” is a term coined by Paul Irish at the HTML5DevConf held by marakana on November 5th, 2012. It’s a way to login via SSH painlessly and with ease.

It is very easy to setup, so let begin

I. Saving the password

  1. We will copy the public ssh key we’ve created with github to the local machine’s clipboard using this command

    cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | pbcopy

  2. Paste the content to “authorized_keys” in your remote server (you might need to create it if doesn’t exist)


II. Silky Smooth Hopping

  1. Create a new ssh config file in the ~/.ssh

    nano ~/.ssh/config

  2. Paste the following

Host unikar HostName dev.unikar.ma User dev


From now on, we’ll simply type

ssh unikar

instead of

ssh [email protected]

in the terminal and it’ll login automatically without asking you for a password.

Hope this will help you, and if you have any question feel free to write it.

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