Unik to deliver ALM using JIRA /Greenhopper

Unik has been granted the title of expert in consultancy, training, support services and Enterprise solutions for Atlassian’s, JIRA, Greenhopper and Dev Tools. By Using Jira, Unik can Help your team connect to content and colleagues to help get the job done faster. Email less and have fewer meetings. Atlassian’s JIRA is the center of your development team, connecting people to their work. You can track bugs and tasks, link issues to related source code, plan agile development, monitor activity, report on project status, and more.

Key Features:

  • Track Anything and Everything - JIRA can track issues, tasks, features and bugs as well as your own issue types.
  • Configure Your Own Workflows - Create custom workflows and modify them on-the-fly, giving your team structure and adaptability.
  • Link Issues to Source Code - Using a JIRA issue key in your commit message and instantly link the related code to your tickets.
  • Advanced Search and Reporting - Use JQL to find issues, run ad-hoc reports, build dashboards and create wallboards.
  • Options for Enterprise - JIRA Enterprise provides the same great product but with enhanced support and admin certification.
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